Explaining My Interest in Studying Abroad

An essay I wrote as part of my application for a Michigan State study abroad program. Although I was accepted, I decided to pursue an internship opportunity instead.

Traveling is an experience that can shape a lifetime.

I want to participate in the Advertising and Public Relations a la Mediterranean study abroad trip during summer 2017 to increase my worldly knowledge and, therefore, grow as an individual. As an undergraduate student studying advertising with a concentration in media and management and a minor in public relations, this study abroad program offers several distinct opportunities relating to my studies and goals that I would not be able to access outside of MSU.

Continuous learning and industry exposure is important to facilitate growth in any professional field. But, in the marketing industry, it’s increasingly important because of the rapid changes taking place regarding new strategies, trends, and best practices. I am pursuing a career in public relations, and with the comprehensive writing and international promotional courses offered through this program, coupled with experiences such as travelling to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, I would acquire invaluable knowledge. This knowledge would translate to further success and innovation in my undergraduate studies, as well as in my life and budding profession upon returning to the United States.

The personal strengths I possess which support my acceptance into this program include my career advancement thus far, previous travel experiences, a passion for photography, and an ability to network with new and interesting people. First, this past summer, I held an internship with Airfoil Group, a PR firm specializing in automotive and technology marketing services, which reflects my commitment to career development. Secondly, I have traveled in foreign countries before on multiple occasions, so I know how to be cautious and navigate through unfamiliar territory. Third, I have a strong passion for photography and capturing beautiful moments in both nature and society, so I would use my time abroad to build upon this creative interest. Lastly, I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, so I would revel in the opportunity to continue do this in Italy, France, and anywhere else my travels might take me while studying abroad.

If accepted, I plan to utilize my experiences from the Mediterranean in several different manners, especially when it comes to career maturation and personal growth, (not to mention displaying some unforgettable scenes through photography.) I appreciate your consideration for my acceptance into this program.

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