Professional Statement

Hey there 👋🏼. Welcome to my website.

My name is Gerard Smith and I’m a 23-year-old alumnus from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Management and Media, along with a minor in PR.

As an aspiring communications professional, I have a passion for collaborating with outstanding people to solve problems, engage audiences, and advance incredible brands. By understanding objectives through research, refining creative ideas through trial and error, and executing projects through writing and presentation, my goal is to become a leading and versatile member of a groundbreaking PR, media, or advertising agency.

My professional background lies in developing, executing, and managing PR campaigns for dynamic organizations. Through internships at fast-paced PR agencies – Airfoil Group in Royal Oak, Michigan, and The Hoffman Agency in Silicon Valley ✈️ – I’ve worked with a range of B2B and B2C technology clients, including: eBay, FordDirect, Nokia, WorkWave, Faurecia, and Lifesize. In turn, I’ve fulfilled various responsibilities related to marketing communications and account support.

In addition, during my time at Michigan State, I was one of the first students to be hired by the MSU Innovation Center, an institution dedicated to fostering successful entrepreneurs. In my business development role, I consulted early-stage startups from conception through launch – shaping early-stage business models, providing research direction, determining audiences, building marketing plans, and refining pitch decks. By collaborating with young entrepreneurs, I learned how to efficiently operate in an startup setting, taking action on ideas 💡 and turning them into reality 😎.

I’m eager to continue learning about diverse forms of PR and advertising, while crafting awesome stories for clients. Along with this statement, please find my résumé and a letter of recommendation which will provide additional details regarding my background. Thank you.



Gerard Vallee Smith